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Preeminent Commercial Lease Brokers in NYC

Commercial real estate brokers work in several different capacities. Brokers not just tasked with facilitating the purchase of commercial properties. These professionals also facilitate property leasing. It is not uncommon to look specifically for commercial lease brokers to handle long term and large scale rentals. Here’s a look at what you will be getting when you work with a broker to help facilitate the finalization of your office space lease agreement.

Commercial Lease Brokers

Commercial brokers who specialize in leasing instead of sales are a great resource for landlords and tenant businesses alike. Experienced brokers have a plethora of background information about how a lease agreement should be structured to guarantee both parties are protected. On behalf of landlords, this means screening tenants and setting fair expectations about the care of the property over the lease term. For tenant businesses, lease brokers assess whether or not the rental rate is on par with other commercial spaces in the area. Brokers also thoroughly explain all terms and conditions of the lease agreement to tenants.

Thinking Outside the Box

Similar to commercial real estate sales, leases typically require a lot of negotiation to reach fruition. Commercial leases can span millions of dollars for a term of five or more years. It is imperative that high-end commercial lease agreements take into account every possible challenge and address concerns ahead of time to protect both parties. On the plus side, the scale of these leases often means that your commercial lease brokers have more room to formulate unique solutions for each lease agreement. A reputable broker will be able to come up with creative ways for negotiating fair price per square foot, upgrades, maintenance, and more.

Making Connections

It is also common for commercial lease brokers to work for both landlords and tenants at different times. Since they form relationships with clients on both sides of the aisle, they are sometimes able to make a match from within their client base. For instance, a business that is looking for their very first office space might ask their broker for recommendations based on properties the broker already represents. In this case, the tenant’s time investment prior to  signing a deal can be drastically reduced.

Preeminent Commercial Lease Brokers in NYC

If you are looking to find new tenants for your commercial property, or you are seeking quality office space within NYC, you should contact a commercial lease broker right away. They can help give you all the information you need to list your property or search property listings near you.

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