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New York City’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Brokers

office-midtownNew York City is stocked with commercial real estate brokers vying for your business. What makes one broker stand out above the competition? Dedication to serving you with the absolute best available properties on the market. Further, working hand in hand with you to discover what you need out of your next real commercial estate purchase or lease in New York City.

Commercial real estate brokers are a very specialized group of professional who should always put your needs first and foremost. The leading brokers in the industry are known for being communicative and honest in their transactions, while also working tirelessly to make sure you are making informed decisions all along the way.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Leading New York City commercial real estate brokers will always begin working for you with a detailed consultation. When you arrive at this meeting, be prepared to answer some tough questions about your goals and priorities for your real estate. You will need to think deeper than just budget and size. The brokers will analyze the fine details of your business plan. Going one step further, a leader in the commercial brokerage industry will want a detailed and accurate picture of your business plans in order to seek out the best properties for you.

The Discovery Process

A leading broker will also include you throughout the research and discovery process. Once you have narrowed down your search to a short list of prospective properties, it is time to do some digging. Today’s commercial real estate brokers have access to important information detailing the history of the property. You can often learn about:

  • Past tenant’s performance in the space
  • Any upgrades or changes that were made to the property
  • Tenant turnover rates, and more

However, it takes a really experienced broker to point out current industry trends and define what they mean for your business.

The Negotiation

Once you have decided on the perfect property, it is the job of qualified commercial real estate brokers to negotiate the terms of the sale or lease. The more knowledge you have gathered up to this point, the better chances you have of negotiating for favorable terms. They spend all day putting together contracts for clients, so they will know when and how to apply pressure to get the terms you want. They will also know when you need to walk away if negotiations are not going in your favor. Being steadfast in your favor will save you a ton of money and strife in the long run.

New York City’s Leaders in Commercial Real Estate

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