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How to Find Premier Office Suites in NYC

nyc-office-rentingPremier office suites exist all over NYC for businesses who are seeking to boost their image and make their workplace employee friendly. As trends in office design and workflow have changed, commercial property developers have taken note and started building some incredibly modern and thoughtful office suites.

Premier Office Suites in NYC

These tips will help you find premier office suites fitting your organization’s size and needs.

  1. Know How Much Space You Need – One of the most popular changes in office design today is openness and lack of clutter. Many high end developers have gone to great lengths to make their office spaces exemplify this free flowing atmosphere. However, if you move too many people into a tight space, you probably won’t achieve the luxury feel you were looking for. In general, business owners should estimate about 250 square feet of space per employee. This number can move up or down slightly depending on the industry. Some companies require more space for client meetings, while others can afford to trim this requirement to a minimum.
  2. Know What You Are Trying to Project – Your office space represents your company as a whole. When it comes time to look at premier office suites around NYC, ask yourself what type of image you are trying to forge for yourself. Do you want to be seen as modern and cutting edge? Or are you looking for something classic, familiar and trustworthy? Remember, this image is not just about customers. It’s also about employees and prospective employees who will be coming to your offices every day.
  3. Know Where You Are Headed – A great deal is only premier if it actually serves your long term goals. How much growth do you expect in the next few years? If you achieve this growth, will you have to move across town or can you expand upon the space you’re looking at today? What kind of infrastructure do you need to support your growth? If you aren’t sure what your future looks like, it can be very difficult to choose premier office suites that are conducive to your business objectives.
  4. Know What A Space Is Worth – The value of any particular piece of real estate according to the market is only one piece of the puzzle. Take a step back and consider what the space is worth to you. Is your new office space going to be the key to taking your business to the next level? Is it going to be a place where you can connect with the community that you are working in? Is it a representation of all the work you have done thus far? The amount you are willing to pay to be in a specific part of NYC, or to attain a certain type of office is often influenced by personal factors beyond the market itself. Take some time to determine what the space is worth in those terms.

Premier Agency Providing Office Suites in NYC

Commercial real estate developers continue to add more premier office suites to NYC’s market every day. The style of offices has evolved over time to include a wide range of features conducive to today’s working class. The team at Handler Real Estate are happy to help you find your perfect office space. Call 212.398.1888 – or – click the icon below to schedule your consultation today.