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Discover Prime Office Space in Manhattan

Affordable Office Space ManhattanFinding prime office space in Manhattan is definitely competitive. If you are not asking the right questions, you can be led on a wild goose chase, missing out on a deal while you’re distracted by unnecessary leads. In order to discover the best properties in Manhattan, you must have the assistance of a professional who is focused and knows exactly what information is needed to make the right choice for your business.

Researching Prime Office Space in Manhattan

With so many office spaces in Manhattan ready to be filled, it is important that you ask the right questions to narrow down your search and take notes when you get answers. The only way to really compare multiple properties is to compare your notes after you have asked everybody the same questions.

Here are a few questions you should be asking before you commit:

  1. What is the atmosphere like? РThere are many factors that can impact the atmosphere of a particular office space. A dedicated maintenance team can really help keep it clean and professional, while the wrong set of neighbors can bring the whole place down. Before you even consider completing the signature line, you need to know whether or not your business will be able to thrive in the environment surrounding the prospective office space.
  2. What is the timeline? – Some property owners begin advertising their office spaces for lease well in advance of the old tenants moving out. Others need time to clean up or make repairs. If you are genuinely interested in moving in, you will definitely want to know how quick you can make the transition without unnecessary and costly delays.
  3. What are the terms? – A great looking space is not the only factor that will determine whether or not you have found the best office space in Manhattan. The terms of your lease agreement will greatly impact the viability of the location. Some landlords have strict minimum lease terms for three or five years. Others require hefty deposits. Finding out the answer to this question is a major part of your broker’s discovery responsibilities.
  4. What is the Landlord Willing to do? – This may seem odd, but if the landlord has had a vacancy for a while, they may be extra generous if it means filling the spot. Remember, landlords are competing for tenants as much as tenants are competing for office spaces in Manhattan. Ask what the landlord can do to help you get moved in and see what they say.
  5. What Makes it Special? After you have looked at a handful of Manhattan office spaces you will probably have a good feel for what to expect. It may get monotonous. Take the time to ask the landlord what exactly makes their property different from all the others. Special amenities? A better management team? Some of these things can really impact your experience as a tenant.

Leading Team to Locate and Research Prime Office Space in Manhattan

The team at Handler Real Estate Organization is here to help walk you through the search for your next office space. We can help you create a list of questions for each space you look at to simplify your search. To learn more, call (212) 398-1888 or click below to schedule your consultation.