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What to Look for When Browsing Manhattan Office Space

office-space-leasing-nycManhattan office space comes in all shapes and sizes. When you’re browsing Manhattan office space for yourself, you may be surprised to find that there are a vast array of options available for businesses of all kinds. A search for Manhattan office space can be an exciting adventure. There is plenty to choose from and a huge variety of styles available. You are certain to find something you like, or at least learn what others have done in the past. More than anything, you should keep an open mind and make sure you are thinking about the long term implications of how the space will be used in addition to the price and location.

Browsing Manhattan Office Space

Here are a few of the top questions you should be asking while you’re searching for your office space in Manhattan:

  1. Which Location Is Best? – Location is often the number one concern for business owners seeking office space. While browsing Manhattan office space you will find that some spaces look really convenient on a map, but they are actually a nightmare for traffic. On the other hand, some locations may seem off the beaten path, but they are actually easily accessible by public transport. Preferably, the best office space is located in an up and coming neighborhood with high potential for the future.
  2. Will Your New Office Space Be A Marketing Tool? – As a natural extension of location, you need to determine whether or not your office space will be it’s own form of marketing. Does it have a large visible window front that will host advertisements? Will the exterior of your building invite foot traffic into your office in the form of customers or potential employees? If so, what exterior features do you need to draw people in? Simple research planning on the marketability of any office space will be required if it is to be used an effective tool.
  3. Does the Space Flow Well? – It’s amazing how many of Manhattan’s top office spaces are actually broken up into inefficient layouts. Browsing Manhattan office space will give you a good idea of which designs work for your goals. You have the opportunity to choose from completely open layouts or closed off layouts. Your choice will likely depend on how much privacy and communication you need to take place between your team members.
  4. What is the True Useable Space? – When it comes to office space listings, it’s not surprising to find that some spaces offer slightly inflated estimates for square footage. What you need to know is how much of the space is truly useable. This means actual office space for working functions, not closets and shared hallways. Simple research for functionality of your future office space is required.

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