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Best in Performance for 2016 Commercial Real Estate

commercial-real-estate-nycIf you are seeking a quality commercial real estate broker, you should start at the top by looking at those who have earned prestigious recognition within the real estate community. For instance, brokers who have been recognized for Best in Performance for 2016 show that they have completed a variety of successful deals. The Handler Organization has earned high marks from their clients and colleagues in the commercial real estate industry.

Commercial Real Estate Performance Factors

It is easy to look at online reviews and jump to conclusions about a team of commercial real estate brokers. However, the overall performance of a brokerage team is made up of many different aspects. In some cases, a brokerage team is rated best in performance based solely upon their revenues for the year. This is indicative that they signed a number of high dollar deals. In the commercial real estate sector it is also common to look at the combined square footage of the deals that were completed throughout the year.

More Than Numbers

If you are shopping for commercial real estate brokers for future investments it is important to look at both quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data can tell you a lot about how a business is run. Customer reviews are also useful for determining whether or not a broker is the right fit for you. You should be able to see overall customer satisfaction ratings for the broker that interests you. Also, check out the number of clients who would refer a friend or family member to the broker. Sometimes customers are generally satisfied with a broker, but they aren’t quite ecstatic enough to make a referral. You should find out why.

What it Means to be Best

The commercial real estate brokers who earn the designation of Best in Performance have mastered their craft. They are able to balance the numbers as well as their customer relationships to achieve the best of both worlds. They show growth over time not only because they take on bigger and bigger transactions, but because they also build a reputation for reliability and service. These positives draw in even more customers. As their reputation grows, you begin to see more and more of their work in the papers as large corporations begin turning to them for help and support finding commercial real estate space in the area.

2016s Best In Performance

For this year’s end, Handler Real Estate Organization is on their way to being the Best in Performance for 2016 in the commercial real estate market. Their team has proven time and again that they are up for the challenge of handling large scale deals. The Handler Team continues to meet their clients’ demands.

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