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What is the Average Commercial Real Estate Price Per Square Foot NYC

Business owners try to save as much money as they can when it comes to renting or buying a commercial office space. Before they rent or buy an office, they will conduct meticulous research about the office, the area, and most importantly in relation to the average commercial real estate price per square foot. The average price is currently between $49.00 and $59.00, but it all depends on the office location.

The Average Cost per Square Foot unlike any Other

Although the office spaces are located in New York City, the rental rates or buying prices are actually affordable, particularly if business owners hire a commercial broker to search for these office spaces. Moreover, there are many advantages to hiring a highly regarded commercial agent.

What can Commercial Brokers Offer a Business Owner?

Commercial brokers offer a number of significant services – they do not only find the best office space with the average commercial real estate price per square foot, they also ensure that the office space is located in the right area with heavy traffic-flow, which can certainly help businesses that call for walk-in customers. In addition, they will conduct research regarding the demographic of the area to make sure that it coincides with the business owners’ requirements.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Broker

Business owners should look out for the following attributes in commercial real estate brokers:

– Must have the ability to work diligently
– Possess several years of experience in the local commercial real estate market
– Willing to offer opinions, especially when needed
– Able to provide numerous relevant options
– Can obtain the best average commercial real estate price per square foot

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