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Investment Properties Within Your Price Sights in Manhattan

find-office-space-nycYou’re considering investing in commercial real estate in Manhattan. But, your skeptical that you can keep up with the high stakes investors making the front page of The Daily News. Don’t be discouraged. The commercial real estate market in Manhattan is full of investment properties within a vast array of price ranges. You will be surprised at the kinds of deals that can be found if you look hard enough.

Premier Manhattan Investment Properties

The key to finding properties fitting within your investment budget is to speak with a knowledgeable broker who is very familiar with the Manhattan market. A broker in the know will be able to point you toward properties that are not getting as much attention and help you find deals in unorthodox places. If you are willing to expend some elbow grease and do a little bit of extra work, you can even take advantage of properties that have been marked down for past damage.


One of the most important factors impacting investment properties and their listing prices is location. Whenever a large scale office building sells or a new major development begins, the news media is sure to give it plenty of fanfare. Meanwhile, perfectly reasonable office spaces and retail locations around the edge of town are not receiving any coverage. If you’re worried about staying on budget, start small with one of these office complexes off the beaten path. You may be surprised at how many companies prefer a quiet office building away from the traffic.


Naturally, the condition of the available properties in Manhattan will largely influence your price. If you are willing to put a little handy work into the space and clean up any messes left by previous owners and tenants, you may be able to score an awesome deal. Since many tenants want to build out their space to fit their needs precisely, you can focus on making sure the infrastructure of the property is in good shape. Afterward, you can worry less about the aesthetic details of the interior.


Interestingly enough, many of the less expensive investment properties in Manhattan are for sale by owner or have been listed for such a long time that they have fallen to the bottom of search results. You may have to dig a little deeper to locate these properties, but it is possible to find commercial real estate well under $100,000 if you look in the right place. You may have to start small and work your way up, but there is certainly a place for investors of any price range in Manhattan.

Premier Investment Properties in Manhattan

Darell Handler and the team at Handler Real Estate Organization have been dealing with investment properties in Manhattan for several decades. The Handler Team has the full story on where to look and how to buy on a budget in Manhattan. To learn more, call (212) 398-1888 or click the icon below to schedule a consultation today.

Strategic Property Development Acquisitions in NYC

NYC Property DevelopmentThe goal of strategic property development acquisitions is to source properties which have short term potential for growth and added value, with or without long term goals in mind. In order to make an acquisition successful, you will need the help of a skilled team of experts who can quickly identify and locate properties that can easily be turned profitable.

Property Development Acquisitions

Strategic property development acquisitions is all about having a clear goal in mind and doing the research necessary to make the right investment. In many cases it takes a dedicated team of professionals to really bring a plan together and ensure that it is profitable. From the very beginning, everyone on your team must be on the same page to locate the best possible properties. Also, every team member must clearly understand the unique pros and cons of each space before making a purchasing decision having a long term impact on your entire portfolio.

Locating Properties

The first step in property development acquisitions is finding properties that are eligible for future development projects. A broker who is already familiar with NYC can likely point you in the direction of properties that are currently vacant which could have quick turn around with minimal expenses. The goal is to renovate an existing building or add a structure to an empty property in as little time as possible so that it can begin working for you.

Knowing What to Avoid

While there are plenty of available buildings scattered around NYC, it takes a discerning eye to know which ones hold promise and which ones will be more trouble than they’re worth. Again, a firm who specializes in strategic property development acquisitions will be able to help you narrow down the list after viewing each property, and present you with a list of risks and benefits associated with each one.

Building Your Portfolio

Not only do you need to isolate the properties having the highest potential for return on investment, you also need to be conscientious of how those properties will affect your overall portfolio. In some cases, you may be perusing strategic acquisitions as a short term flip and sell project. On the other hand, you may be considering renovating a property for long term holding and leasing. The end goal for the acquisition of the property will definitely impact the amount you spend during your development process to finish the property for turnover.

Expert Strategic Property Development

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization have decades of experience putting together successful investor portfolios. They can help you find your next property development acquisition using their knowledge and expertise in the field. To learn more, call (212) 398-1888 or click below to schedule your consultation today.

Owner Representative vs. Property Manager

7210892_sIn the world of commercial real estate, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the role that an owner representative plays as opposed to property managers. In some cases the roles are combined or shared by a single firm. On the other hand, the two titles do play very different and important parts in the execution of commercial properties.

Owner Representative

The owner representative is hired by the owner or investor to protect their interests in the property and communicate between builders, designers, property managers, and more players. It is the owner representative’s job to ensure that the development of the property is on track in terms of both time and budget. The owner representative may also be charged with the task of initiating marketing efforts prior to building completion. The owner representative coordinates between a wide range of contractors and generally has a property manager working under them to arrange early leases and manage move in. However, their primary goal is always to protect the investor during the most challenging part of development where mistakes can put the investor at great personal risk.

Property Manager

The property manager is the person or team in charge of actually maintaining the building once it is fully functional and tenants have begun moving in. In most cases the property manager schedules showings of the best available space, screens tenants, and signs leases. Once the tenant has moved in, their primary point of contact will be the property manager for the purposes of paying rent, requesting maintenance or repairs, and reporting issues of conflic. The property manager will also typically be charged with maintaining common areas in the office and ensuring that landscaping is taken care of. It should be noted that while the property manager is certainly looking out for the owner’s interests, they are also tasked with keeping tenants happy and usually have more room to negotiate between both parties.

Many property owners enlist the help of both an owner representative and a property manager in the early stages of their property ventures. Over time, some owners choose to phase out the owner representative and rely solely on a property manager once construction is complete. However, many commercial real estate firms also offer both services, allowing property owners to choose which services they need most and create a package that works for them.

Discover Top A Top Owner Representative

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization offer both owner representation and property management services for investors in the Manhattan area. Their expertise in developing and managing properties can help you get the most out of your next project. To learn more about their services, call (212) 398-1888 or click below to schedule your consultation today.

Competitive Manhattan Office Space Brokerage Firm

Affordable Office Space ManhattanYour company’s image is represented by the office space within which its business wheels turn. As a result, choosing office space that is accessible to your clients and visible to the general public is important. The right office space can go a long way toward building your brand’s image in the eyes of the people.

Selecting the Perfect Office Space in Manhattan

Fortunately, a competitively minded brokerage firm can help you pick out competitive office  space in Manhattan to highlight your strengths.


Location is always a primary factor when choosing a great office space. The location you choose needs to be convenient to your customer base. Major cross streets and access to public transportation are generally a huge plus. Accommodations for parking are also important to keep in mind if you will have clients coming and going from your office.


Many companies are opting to pay extra for store front space or branding opportunities at their new space. Some of the largest retailers in the world use their Manhattan office space as another way to post large scale advertisements without having to pay for additional billboard marketing. The same effect can be achieved by simply showcasing your company’s name in bold letters on the side of a luxurious office space. Passersby on the streets will take note of the big names who have moved into the neighborhood.


Business parks and other new office spaces are also notable for the number of convenience features and amenities that are now being included in the rental. Exquisite fountains surrounded by lavish landscaping and fanciful lobbies all give off a certain sense of prosperity and success. Clients who enter your office space will pick up on all of these features and begin to build a first impression of the companies within.


Naturally, all of these features are only important if they can be had at a competitive price. This is where the help of an experienced brokerage firm comes in handy. The right team of brokers will be able to identify all of these qualities in a property and show you only the office spaces that will contribute the greatest value to your business. They will also work to negotiate competitive pricing on available office spaces and provide you with the necessary professional services to close the deal in a timely manner.

There are plenty of impressive office spaces dominating the Manhattan skyline. It is up to you to gain the competitive edge by choosing one that puts your company front and center in the crowd. With the help of a top notch brokerage firm, you can see the very best that New York City has to offer.

Competitive Office Space Brokerage Firm in Manhattan

Darell Handler and the team at Handler Real Estate Organization have years of experience locating prime office spaces in Manhattan. To learn more about how they can help you find office space in Manhattan fitting your needs, click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call 212.398.1888.

Strategic Acquisitions and Investments in NYC

office_space-_real_estate-_deskStrategic property acquisition and investment in NYC is a matter of knowing your market extremely well and setting clear goals for your portfolio. Many investors choose to partner with a brokerage firm that specializes in commercial property. Investment strategies require invaluable information and resources.

Creative Acquisitions and Investments

No two investment portfolios are exactly the same. You need to plan on making acquisitions and investments that directly benefit your portfolio. A lot of investors miss out on good opportunities to diversify their holdings or strengthen their cash flow. This is because they are focused on what other people would do instead of what will directly benefit them. A team of experienced investment planners can help you avoid this pitfall by finding creative ways to work new properties into your portfolio and get them to pay off for you in unexpected ways.

Buy and Hold Strategies

In the commercial real estate sector, the vast majority of investors use a buy and hold strategy to maintain cash flow long term. In order to choose properties which will really pay off, investors need to evaluate both the capital appreciation of the property and the rental rate. In some cases, a broker can gain access to current rental information at a property so you can evaluate real numbers concerning:

  • The number of tenants currently in place
  • What tenants are paying per square foot
  • What the fair market rate is for rent is
  • How many tenants expect to extend their lease term
  • What are the expected terms of renewal

Analysis of this data will provide you with an evaluation of whether or not a property makes good sense down the road.

Limiting Risk

Another important part of your strategic acquisitions and investments needs to be limiting unnecessary risks in the marketplace. Due diligence and open communications are both required to ensure that you are making informed investment decisions.

There are plenty of available properties in NYC which have varying levels of short and long term potential. The key to success is being able to earn the maximum value from each property without creating financial strain. This usually requires careful evaluation of how well the property has been maintained and what it will cost to keep it in good shape going forward.

Commercial property acquisitions and investments deserve a high level of attention to detail and expertise. In order to truly benefit from any given investment, each property must fit well into your overall portfolio and serve a greater purpose.

Trustworthy Strategists in Acquisitions and Investments

Partnering with trustworthy strategists in the industry will help you get all the information you need to get ahead of the game and stay on top.

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization have decades of experience specializing in commercial property investments.

Begin building a successful acquisitions and investments portfolio today. Click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call the office directly at 212.398.1888

Premium Real Estate Investment Services in Manhattan

midtown-_central_park-_manhattanCommercial real estate investment is a challenging and exciting adventure. It requires a significant amount of research and a desire to think big. While thousands of people get started in residential real estate each year, very few are willing to step up their game with a commercial deal. Those who choose premium real estate investment service in Manhattan to play in the commercial real estate sector will reap the rewards of their efforts in a big way.

Manhattan Real Estate Investment

While the general principals of real estate investing apply the same way to residential and commercial properties, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes making commercial investments stand out from the crowd. In most cases, commercial real estate is used to diversify and minimize risks in your portfolio, while opening up the potential for far greater cash flow and stability.

Getting Started With Premium Investment Services

Investors who are just getting their feet wet in the commercial arena need to work slowly and diligently to ensure that they are prepared to make the leap. Hiring a team of commercial investment strategists to help along the way can greatly improve the chances of success. These professionals spend day in and day out examining the market, working with large scale investors, and finessing the next great deal. The Handler Organization will give you access to all of the information they have gleaned and give you the opportunity to learn plenty on your own.

A qualified investment service will be able to show you:

  • How commercial property is valued
  • What questions to ask when considering purchasing an available property
  • How to maximize cash flow each month
  • How to diversify your portfolio across different types of commercial real estate
  • How to negotiate a major long-term lease
  • And, so much more . . .

Real estate investment services help new investors by providing them with access to industry leaders and their expertise. They give you the opportunity to sit down and look at office spaces in your area, learn about how they have performed in the past, and assess your risk tolerance before you buy. Chose a real estate investment service dedicated to working on your behalf to find the right fit for your portfolio and giving you a solid basis to work from.

Locating an Investment Service

Many commercial real estate brokers in Manhattan offer investment services, but not all of them provide a comprehensive product. With Handler Real Estate Organization, you know that you will be getting a team of tried and true brokers who have managed some of the largest deals in NYC.

You can look through their current property listings to see for yourself the quality of the real estate investments they work with before you begin. When you are ready to set up a consultation, you can meet with one of their team members to evaluate your current standings and set goals for future portfolio building. They can walk you through the baby steps of investing in commercial real estate so that you will have everything you need to make informed decisions.

Premium Real Estate Investment Services

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization are renowned in Manhattan for providing top notch real estate investment services for business owners like you.

To schedule your free consultation with the Handler Commercial Real Estate Investment Team, click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call the office directly at 212.398.1888

America’s Premier Real Estate Consulting

office_space-_real_estate-_deskReal Estate Consulting is a premium service offered by some commercial real estate brokers for investors who want to strengthen their portfolio and work toward long term goals. A real estate consulting makes it possible for investors to manage their own transactions, while at the same time using the consultant as a supplemental resource for advice when needed.

Real Estate Consulting

The biggest difference between working with a real estate consultant and a traditional broker is the method of structuring their fees for services rendered. When working with a broker, they will show you an unlimited number of properties, conduct research, and structure the terms and conditions of purchase. This involves the oversight and generation of paperwork on your behalf with the understanding that they will get a large commission when the deal is done.

On the other hand, real estate consultant usually works for an hourly fee providing specific and in depth information. An experienced real estate consultant become a member of your long term investment team. They may offer lower commissions in exchange for being paid hourly throughout your purchasing or selling process, knowing that the incubation period on major commercial real estate deals can take up to a year or more.

Long Term Planning

Most commercial real estate buyers are investors who are working toward a future goal. Typically this will require having a well rounded portfolio of properties and a team of successful real estate experts to bring everything together. Real estate consulting is just part of this package. Your selected real estate consultant will be expected to know the ins and outs of your current properties, as well as setting a course for your next purchases. Their responsibilities are often greater than those of a typical broker and you will want to keep them on board to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Supplemental Services

Some investors feel they are capable of handling showings and listings on their own. Real estate consulting is also useful in this situation because you can employ the help of a consultant only for the parts of the transaction you need help with. You may find a buyer on your own and strike a deal, but you will want a consultant to help you frame the contract and push it to closing. This is a good way for investors to save money by only paying for the services they really need, while giving them the most control in the negotiations.

Real Estate Consulting is a growing market as brokers seek to diversify the services and packages they offer to clients. Commercial property owners can take advantage of these services by keeping a consultant on standby whenever they are ready to make a big investment. They can also be a flexible part of any transaction, filling the gaps when you need help with the legal side of things.

Preeminent Real Estate Consulting Services

Darell Handler and the Real Estate Consulting Team at Handler Real Estate Organization provide to investors spanning America. To learn more about how they can help you complete your portfolio or assist you with your transactions, click the icon below to schedule your free consultation online – or – call 212.398.1888.

Who to Turn to For Property Development Needs in NYC

NYC Property DevelopmentProperty developers are more prevalent in NYC than are commercial real estate brokerage firms. More and more investors come to NYC and the edges of the city continue to expand. Property development firms help lay the groundwork for new office parks and retail centers. Leading property developers – like Handler Real Estate Organization – are instrumental in planning and executing the development of profitable properties throughout NYC.

Property Development

One area where property development firms excel at helping their clients is locating fresh land that is perfect for developing. This means land that is currently available, near other successful developments, and priced fairly for the market. Since many developers are also brokers in their area they are familiar with the market conditions and direction that the community is moving in for future developments.

Long Term Planning

Nothing can eat up profits faster than hiring the wrong contractors or getting caught up in failed inspections. In order to avoid these unexpected expenses, the best course of action is to hire a property development firm who already has a list of sound contractors, vendors, and resources in place. Their experience and partnerships can be a huge asset when it comes to your total bill at the end of the project. They can also help you schedule inspections along the way and research zoning regulations to ensure that everything is up to code.

Selling or Holding Your Property Development

Depending on the type of investing you like to do, you will eventually be faced with the choice of whether to sell or hold your new development. If you intend to hold onto your property, you will need to look into property management. However, if you play your cards right you may be able to buy nearby space and expand your development over time. On the other hand, if your goal is to sell, your property development firm will help you identify the buyers in your market and create a building that will perform well on the market.

A well versed property development agency can be the difference between making your new development a success or a headache. The best way to find a great property developer is to find a firm that has strong ties to the community and depth of knowledge. Firms that have already had a hand in major developments in NYC will be familiar with the process of starting a new development and bringing it to fruition.

Leading Property Development Firm in NYC

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization are proud to announce that they have expanded their commercial real estate services to include property development. Their expertise in NYC’s commercial real estate sector gives them the experienced tools and background necessary to help you launch your next investment today.

To schedule your free consultation with the leading Property Development Team in NYC, click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call 212.398.1888.

Available Office Space for Startups and Tech Firms

Office Space Natural LightingIt’s no secret that tech firms and startups are trying creative new ways to make their mark in the global marketplace. These organization need available office space to meet their growing needs. These tech firms and start ups are looking for available office space having an element of openness and creativity. This image drives their business model and builds their brand.

Selecting the Right Available Office Space

Natural Lighting

After years and years of fluorescent lighting and dingy cubicles, many modern companies are seeking to bring nature indoors. Many new companies feel their employees thrive in an environment where they can see the sun, enjoy a breath of fresh air, and not feel cooped up all the time. That’s why so many tech firms and startups are looking for available office space featuring large windows and patios. Some office spaces also have high-end amenities like an on-site gym for health and wellness. These perks show that the company is actively investing in their employees’ wellbeing.

Open Layout

In addition to the environmental factors influencing the office, tech firms and startups are known for their reliance on teamwork and group brainstorming. Gone are the days of sequestering each department into their own offices and only sharing thoughts during conferences. Many companies today are looking for available office space with a large open work areas so that their employees are encouraged to communicate and brainstorm. In some cases, this means doing away with walls altogether and keeping the floor completely open and fluid.

Branding and Advertising a Unique Identity

As much as any major corporation is known for their extravagant office space, tech firms and startups also tie a large amount of their company brand into their office spaces. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are all known for their unorthodox offices. New firms are trying to jump onboard by creating an office space that people want to work in and making it a selling point to attract new team members.

There is tons of available office space throughout the state of New York. Start up tech companies on the cutting edge of technology development lead in office space comfort. They are going above and beyond to find office space with personality. The environment is both welcoming and and inspiring. Letting their employees see the outside world, form strong bonds with their teammates, and enjoy being at work instead of dreading their jobs is all a part of the new office ideal.

Marquee Office Space Availability

Darell Handler and the Team at Handler Real Estate Organization understand the unique needs of startups looking for available office space. The Handler Office Space Team will help you identify prospective locations perfectly fitting for your budding start up or tech organization.

To schedule your free consultation with the For more information, click below or call (212) 398-1888 today to schedule a consultation.

Manhattan’s Best Commercial Real Estate Firm

47539214 - new york city skyline showing the west-side in autumn.Manhattan is packed to the brim with commercial real estate of all shapes and sizes. There are also dozens of real estate firms representing commercial properties ranging from small family-sized operations to major commercial industry leaders.

Stellar Commercial Real Estate Reputation and Praise

If there’s one thing unique about Manhattan’s commercial real estate industry, it’s that many of the top brokers receive accolades from reputable real estate press publications and other major new sources on a regular basis. This is because commercial brokers are seen as the backbone of NYC, bringing new businesses  helping to grow the local economy. The best brokers in Manhattan are frequently sought out to give their opinion on coming market changes and new developments in the area. This provides plenty of material for you to peruse in search of a highly qualified candidate.

Customer Service Oriented

Not only do the top commercial real estate firms create a reputation for themselves among business owners, they also go above and beyond to supply businesses with the office spaces they really need. The best of the pack are known for making sure they offer great customer service throughout the property search. They listening intently to what the business really needs. They do not just push for the biggest deal. Business owners need a broker who is paying attention and working with them, not somebody who just wants to sign them up for the first space that’s available. In fact, the most successful brokers are the ones really taking the time to understand their client’s operations. The best commercial real estate brokers get to know the traits setting their clients apart from the competition.

Major Commercial Real Estate Deals

Naturally, if you are looking for a firm having a big reputation, you will probably start by looking at some of the major deals they have managed in the past. Most huge commercial deals make their way into the news, especially The Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers. You can often see which broker was responsible for making that $50 million transaction happen smoothly and successfully and that is somebody you want on your team.

There are plenty of ways to identify Manhattan’s best commercial real estate firms. As a hub of global trade, there is plenty of news highlighting recent real estate deals of notable size. A quick scan through the local papers will point you in the direction of some of the most successful brokers in your area.

Renowned Commercial Real Estate Team Serving Manhattan

Darell Handler and the Commercial Real Estate Team at Handler Real Estate Organization have been serving the Manhattan area for several decades. These leaders in the commercial real estate marketplace are poised to help you.

To schedule your free consultation, please click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call (212)398-1888 today to learn more about commercial real estate in Manhattan.